Privacy Policy

It is an agreement where we specify what information we require from our customers, the security of their data, why we need the info, etc. other names of the privacy policy are privacy statements, privacy notice, privacy information, privacy page.

We need your information to send emails, confirmation, to update you, etc. We anxietysupport4u require various kinds of information from our customers like-:

  • Name of the customer
  • Product details which you want to order
  • Mobile number or any other way of communication
  • Any existing service you use
  • Address

We collect information about people from various ways like-:

  • Contest
  • Facebook groups
  • The online social media platform

Your privacy is essential for us, and our main motive is to maintain the confidentiality of information. We assure you that whatever data you provide us, we use that information very carefully and sincerely. Any information provided by you is subject to an anxietysupport4u privacy policy. We never sell your information to the third party because we are concerned about your security.

If you have any queries or doubts, visit the contact us page. We will be happy to serve you.