Xanax Bar Addiction and Misuse

Xanax Bar Addiction and Misuse

What is a Xanax bar?

It is a slang term for Alprazolam and the most recommended psychiatric drug in the US. It used as an anti-anxiety medicine for the treatment of anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. Other names of the Xanax bar are “z-bars,” “zanbars,” “planks,” “bricks,” “bars,” and “zanies.” The nicknames derived from the shape and high dose of the Xanax bar. It comes in various strengths and colors that can be broken quarterly and taken individually. It produces the effects of medicine quickly within an hour of indigestion; that is why the Xanax bar is one of the most effective anti-anxiety drugs and the most prescribed medications of the United States with almost 50 million prescriptions each year.

How to take a Xanax bar?

Xanax bars should be taken by mouth as directed by the health consultant. Xanax bar is a fast-acting drug that metabolizes quickly in the body. Dosage of Xanax bars based on the following factors- 

  • Why it is being taken
  • the patient’s age, and
  • how they respond to treatment. 

The doses of the Xanax bar are increased gradually after seeing the drug’s response. Always follow the direction of your health consultant to avoid any fatal situation. And never crush or chew an extended-release tablet, swallow the whole pill.

What are the types of Xanax bars?

White Xanax Bar– It contains 2 mg of active Alprazolam. As it is a high dose of the drug, so break the bar into four small pieces to avoid any overdose. Do not suddenly stop the consumption of these bars because they are high power drugs; your doctor will gradually decrease the dose of the medicine to avoid any harm to your health.

Yellow Xanax Bar– This is the generic form of medicine, comes in a rectangular shape. The most common name of the yellow Xanax bar is Yellow School Bus because of its vibrant color and colossal shape. It is similar to the white Xanax bar. Yellow Xanax bar comes in 1 mg and 2 mg. One should be very careful while taking this medication.

Green Xanax Bar- Many pharmaceutical companies produce it. It is quite similar to the white and yellow Xanax bars having the same effects and same amount of Alprazolam. The major difference between them is the color of the Green Xanax bar.

Blue Xanax Bar– The shape of the blue Xanax bar is rectangular and available with the 2 mg amount of Alprazolam. Another version of such medicine comes in 1 mg strength. It is small in dose, but still, creates addiction among people.

Peach or Orange Xanax Bar- Doctors recommend this medicine in case of less anxiety. The dose of the peach Xanax bar is 0.5 mg.

Pink Xanax Bar- It is favorable for fewer anxiety issues and panic attacks. The dose of the pink Xanax bar is 0.5mg.

What are the Side Effects of Xanax bar?

This anti-anxiety medication can produce specific adverse effects in some unsuitable conditions. Most side effects occur due to the misuse or abuse of the drug. However, sometimes they can occur without any known reason. 

Common side effects of Xanax bar include-:

  • Drowsiness, Swelling in your hands or feet
  • Tiredness, Increased sweating
  • Dizziness, Diarrhea, Appetite or weight changes
  • Sleep problems (insomnia)
  • Memory problems
  • Poor balance or coordination
  • Slurred speech, Stuffy nose
  • Trouble concentrating, Blurred vision
  • Irritability
  • Constipation, Appetite or weight changes
  • Headache
  • Nausea, Dry mouth
  • Upset stomach, muscle weakness 
  • Loss of interest in sex

Rare side effects of Xanax bar are-:

  • Abnormal thinking
  • Disorientation, Agitation
  • Behavior changes
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Outbursts of anger, Hallucinations
  • Hypotension, Muscle weakness
  • Skin rash or itching, Sore throat
  • Fever, Uncontrolled movements of the body
  • Unusual bleeding, Unusual excitement
  • Nervousness, Irritability
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Severe weakness
  • Yellow eyes or skin

What are Xanax bar overdose symptoms?

Alprazolam is an addictive medicine. So, there are higher chances of an overdose with Xanax bars. The primary symptoms of Xanax overdose are confusion, convulsions, drowsiness, coma, shakiness, abnormal heartbeat, slow reflexes, slurred speech, staggering, troubled breathing, weakness, etc.

Treatment for Xanax overdose will depend on how much drug consumed and whether other medications also are taken or not. In the situation of overdose, doctors may pump the stomach to remove as much of the unabsorbed Xanax as possible. Medicines, like flumazenil, may be administered as an antidote. Doctors may give an IV to provide necessary fluids. It is essential to know precisely what substances are taken and how much.

What are the Withdrawal symptoms of Xanax bar?

Common withdrawal symptoms of Xanax bar are– irritability, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, light-headedness, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, decreased Appetite, sweating, etc.

Less common Xanax bar withdrawal symptoms are– abdominal cramps, fast or pounding heartbeat, increased physical sensitivities, increased sweating, hallucination, muscle cramps, abnormal movements, etc.

Rare Xanax bar withdrawal symptoms– the confusion of time, place or person, convulsions, distrust, etc.

What are Xanax bar addiction and misuse?

Xanax bar is a potent benzodiazepine that is used for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). It is incredibly addictive if used for a more extended period. Someone who has Xanax addiction may take up to 20 – 30 tablets daily.

The signs of Xanax bar addiction are-:

  • Inability to stop using Xanax bar despite the desire to
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed
  • Obsessing about obtaining and using Xanax bar
  • Risk-taking behaviors

Taking more than the prescribed Xanax bar may cause addiction and misuse of medicine. Xanax bars can be misused or abused in several ways like-taking multiple pills, injecting it, snorting it, taking it via blotter paper, making it with other drugs or alcohol, etc.

The main reason for the misuse and addiction is that the Xanax bar gives a sense of relaxation and calmness. Defeating addiction to Xanax bar isn’t easy, but people do it daily. Talk with your health consultant for help finding a Xanax bar addiction treatment program.

Interaction of Xanax bar with other medicine

Xanax bar and Ativan– There are no such interactions that found between Ativan and Xanax, but this does not mean that there are no interactions that exist between them. Always consult your doctor or health consultant for further details. 

Xanax bar and Klonopin– Till knows there are no interactions found between the Xanax bar and Klonopin. The doctor will not recommend these two medicines together. Klonopin is more effective than a Xanax bar.

Xanax bar and Valium– There is no specific interaction between these two drugs. They can be taken altogether but only under some specific conditions. Examples of situations where it might be okay to prescribe both Xanax and Valium together are insomnia, seizures, muscle spasms.

What are the warnings of the Xanax bar?

To ensure the safe use of the Xanax bar follows these instructions.

  • Tell your doctor about any alcoholic product you are consuming.
  • Xanax bar is not recommended for pregnant ladies because it may create a problem in the delivery.
  • Do not take this medicine if you are a breast-feeding mom as it may cause the problem to the infant.
  • Do not increase the dose of the Xanax bar on your own. Always consult your doctor regarding your treatment.
  • Do not suddenly stop taking the Xanax bar without consulting your doctor because it may cause withdrawal symptoms in you like headache, drowsiness, vomiting, etc.

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